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How to choose and buy the LED wash wall lamp?
LED lamp bead is one of the main factors affecting the quality of products. Hui pury chip color lighting always choose imported from the United States, chip standard 45 mil energetic selected to ensure that the products of brightness and color temperature uniformity. Selects the maximum through 650 ma pury 45 mil chip, so to ensure the lamp bead in through the practice of current of 300 ma and 320 ma when 100% load operation. Guarantee the whole lamp light failure is very perfect and product life spans. The lowest on the market some choose a few products
Dime a lamp beads, some customers in choosing suppliers, if save capital and choose the lamps and lanterns, so very simple out and now the lamps and lanterns is installed, the quality of the lamps and lanterns is very serious after death lamp question, to the customer form. Single a watt lamp bead to 2 dollars, colors of the triad Addison lamp bead to 8 yuan, interval again.
Pouring sealant
Good quality manufacturer chooses excellent organic silicone and epoxy resin, the product has excellent thermal conductivity and sealing, UV resistant, weather resistant. Low quality manufacturer chooses the quality of low-end glue, lamps and lanterns after equipment, simple in sealant cracks, rain water, in turn, affect the normal operation of lamps and lanterns. Don‘t play at all glue or even a single manufacturer, revealing the aluminum plate LED wash wall lamp. And to the customer this is for the sake of good heat dissipation. And IC incredibly direct welding in the lamps and lanterns, this is and dangerous, can appropriate to give children a year with a bowls of water. Once the rain IC die, all lamps have to be removed.
The heart - the power of lamps and lanterns
Now the quality of the LED lamps and lanterns in question up 90% because of the power supply. Low price products must be chose low capital of materials, safe sex difference; Collect color lighting use European standard CE, conform to the EMC of waterproof, constant current power supply. Ensure product quality stability.
The core of the colorful lamps - DMX512 decoder
The good and bad are intermingled of market of the decoder, professional manufacturer produces the decoder, guarantee the decoder core parts. And aluminum shell encapsulating compound waterproof, reach IP67 degree of protection. The lower part of the decoder, shortly after equipment, lamps and lanterns to lose color often happen. All building wash wall lamp color color control, messy, often red light bead is not on. But other color normal quality question. Than such a situation can turn on the light is bad, the customer first it is better to select monochromatic LED wash wall light for convenience.
The importance of quality
Well-known, LED wash wall light maintenance of capital is appropriate high demand please professional overhead crane equipment, maintenance can be unique in the LED street lamps, the lighting in a large building, just a light is not on, meantime will very clearly showing in front of people. So early to choose quality reliable manufacturers is very tough questions. Otherwise, it is better to choose initial monochromatic products, it may be RGB trichromatic changes of a brief plan in turn.