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Why hasn‘t LED lamp with long lines of light before
Follow the change of market demand, transparent LED display gradually become a rising star, photoelectric professional and popular shopping mall. So, when we see a transparent LED display, how to start the budget the signal?
First, we can start by viewing distance discriminant transparent LED electronic display type. Station within 10 meters, for example, LED screen looks are fuzzy not clear, and is 10 meters, the effect is more normal, so the screen the minimum viewing distance of 10 meters, according to the formula: minimum stadia = point distance, draw a point distance is about 10 mm, so type is P10, but about the experience, this method is applicable.
Second, we can know LED display type through the measurement point distance. Direct query two LED lights, the distance between the horizontal or vertical. We know P10 display point distance is 10 mm, P3.9 display point distance of 3.9 mm. Assume that the query to the naked eye to 10 mm, the distance between lamp bead can be concluded that the screen is P10 type. Assuming that not sure, in a condition to allow cases, can take a ruler to measure the distance between the lamp bead, such as measuring the effect of 10 mm, you can confirm the LED display type for P10.
Else, we can also through the transparent led display manufacturer learns, generally in the air box or shipping list will be standard equipment types and specifications.