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• product definition
This series product is tai chi peng hair indoor hd LED display series of high-end products, small spacing selects high refresh with PFC function IC, SMD leds, wide high quality power supply, aluminum box key materials, such as a dynamic scanning way, the screen brightness can reach 800-2000 nits, has high density, high-definition, high gray scale, high efficiency (energy saving), high contrast, high quality, unique appearance, safe, stable and reliable, fast response and other advantages.
• applications
Suitable for military and public security, energy, urban management, public information publishing platform, traffic and transportation, radio and television, cinema, video conference system, medical/education in areas such as fixed installations.
Product advantages:
7.5 KG 1, ultra-thin: single enclosure, 60 mm thick;
2, high refresh rate, can guarantee high definition camera and video camera when shooting can crawl to the hd exquisite display;
3, high low light grey performance: in the case of low brightness, according to gray uniform, shows good consistency;
4, high contrast: mask design, blackbody, SMD surface reflective, large viewing Angle, good display effect;
5, high brightness, color uniformity, high quality selection of light-emitting devices, the batch to ensure higher uniformity;
6, the use of advanced blanking scheme: eliminate dark bright, ghost phenomenon;
7, high reliability, high life: a straight plug adapter plate design, simplify the casing connections, effectively reduce bad connection problems can reduce signal attenuation and interference, high quality light emitting devices to ensure high reliability life;
8, seamless splicing fast, simple and easy maintenance: use lock structure make stitching operation is simple and convenient without tools.
9, no noise, mute design, air conditioning, no fan installation, eliminate noise, less power consumption, save electricity saving energy;
10, real-time error detection function: no need to add additional external original can detect whether each LED independently for open circuit state, and can eliminate so bring problems such as the cross;
11, before the maintenance structure: conversion and convenient maintenance.
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